Tai Chi

Jinggong Spiral Tai Chi Chuan

Jinggong Spiral Tai Chi Chuan promotes tranquillity, relaxation, and circular movement of body to reach a purest state of mind. This in turn results in great health and amazing martial skills. The movements in combination with mental calmness have proven to be effective in relieving the effects of diverse maladies, otherwise difficult to control by western medical standards, such as, obesity, hypertension, nervous disorders, arthritis, ulcers, lupus, chronic fatigue, skeletal-muscular disorders, and heart disease.

The form is derived from the Chen style and incorporates elements of qigong, Bagua, Xingyi, as well as Wu and Yang style Tai Chi. Jinggong Spiral Tai Chi emphasizes calmness and awareness. The form is performed throughout China; however, it is particularly common in the cities of the Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. Jinggong Spiral Tai Chi remains almost unknown in the United States.

Jinggong Spiral Tai Chi Quan is unique because, following mastery of the stationary aspects of the style, it can be combined with Bagua walking technique to create walking Tai Chi.

Tai Chi improves the quality of life, maintains physical health, increases a person's mental awareness and enhances spiritual serenity. By experiencing awareness of their own internal energies, the student learns to assimilate unity, harmony and coordination in movement as well as in daily life. There are no age limitations to participation and no special equipment is needed, just loose clothing and soft-shoes.