The Best Time To Do Tai Chi Chuan


yin yang clockIn the April 2005 issue of Tai Chi Magazine, there was an interesting article that explored how to select the most favorable time to practice Taiji (Tai Chi). In the article, the author used physical principles to deduce the best time for training. It is very important information to know in Taiji training. However, in ancient China, people had already studied these favorable times to practice Taiji (and qigong) based on the specific requirements of the practitioner. This may be the knowledge most Taiji and qigong lovers need to inherit.

Understanding Bagua Practice


baguaThe esoteric art of bagua is perhaps the most concealed and least understood martial art. Much like mankind originated from a single source, the martial arts originated from a single need and as such have one single ancestor. From this single ancestor many schools and branches of martial arts developed. Yet, within the multitude of martial arts schools, only two fundamental skills exist: the skills of soft and hard. These hard and soft skills are intrinsically intertwined, and it is important to practice both sides of this same coin with sincerity; a student should understand this fact when they begin their training.

Strengthening Autumn Foods

Fall squash“Keep a yang belly!” hollered Uncle Ho. And he waved good-bye as I sailed into Hong Kong harbor on the Star Ferry one early autumn morning.

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